Actress, Author, Supermodel Inspirational Speaker Spokeswoman

An    Introduction

“When the caterpillar thought it was all over; it became a butterfly.”

Lillian Müller was born on August 19, 1951 in a small town by the sea in the South of Norway. Spending her early childhood in the financial turmoil of the post-WWII era, her determination to make something of herself was imbedded deep within. Lillian spent her formative years burying her head in books igniting an optimistic sense of reality that differentiated from the world around her. In the meantime she blossomed into a strikingly beautiful woman who would go on to become a successful model in London where she strutted the catwalk, graced the pages of French Vogue, and hit the stands as the “Page Three Girl” in the London Sun. After being discovered by Playboy she moved to America and was featured as the 1976 "Playboy’s Playmate Of The Year." Lillian went on to become the most featured "Playmate Of The Year" in the history of the publication and has nine covers from 1975 through 1999 to her name. To date, Lillian has more than 1,000 cover stories and features in international media publications as a celebrity and supermodel.

Utilizing her beauty and charm, Lillian found herself as a desired commodity in the acting world where she has been featured in more than 30 movies and television shows, such as Remington Steele, Starsky and Hutch, Once Upon a Spy, Eischeid, and Fantasy Island. Intent on perfecting the art, Lillian immersed herself in studying under talented acting teachers. Since 2009 she has been studying under Oscar Winners, Martin Landau and Mark Rydell at The Actors Studio in Hollywood, which is home to legendary actors, such as, Al Pacino, Gene Hackman, Meryl Streep, and Tom Cruise. Throughout the years Lillian has starred opposite of established leading men such as Tom Selleck in Magnum, P.I.; Tony Curtis in Casanova & Co.; Rock Hudson in Superstunt II; and Bill Cosby in The Devil and Max Devlin. She has also costarred with Pierce Brosnan, Elliot Gould, Vincent Price, Dudley Moore, Kirstie Alley, Harry Hamlin, Dennis Hopper, and Ted Danson. Most recently Lillian has been circulating amongst Norway’s mainstream media, starring in hit television shows such as "Ja, Vi Elsker Hollywood" (Yes, We Love Hollywood - 2011), "4-Stjerners Middag" (4-Star Dining - 2011), "71 Grader Nord - Celbrity Edition" (71 Degrees North - 2010), and most recently, "Skal Vi Danse" (Dancing with the Stars - 2012).

The portrayal of Lillian as the leading female vixen in Rod Stewart’s "Da Ya Think I’m Sexy" music video could not stray farther from reality, as she is a walking advertisement of health and fitness. In December 2010 Lillian won PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Over 50 title, which was well justified thanks to her 35 years as a vegetarian. She promotes her vegan lifestyle through her book, Feel Great, Be Beautiful Over 40, as well as her lectures as a motivational speaker. This past half-decade Lillian has been well received by audiences listening to her speak about health, fitness, beauty, and anti-aging. She acclaims that her youthful looks and demeanor are the product of her healthy lifestyle, as well as the fact that she has never tried tobacco, alcohol, or drugs. Lillian’s charismatic and informative lectures have proved to be a sensation for those she has inspired throughout the years all over the US and Norway. Her fascinating life story, as well as her transformations from the runner-up of Miss Norway; successful fashion model; most celebrated Playmate of the Year of all time; actress; and finally today as a health guru and inspirational speaking leader, have all elicited immense interest culminating in the creation of her 1998 biography, Usminket, and two documentaries, Tillbake Hos Hef (The Lillian Müller Story - 2003) and more recently, "Lillian Müller- Mitt i Livet" (Lilian Müller - In the Midst of Life - 2012).


• 2012 POPCORN (Short) - Star • 2009 RAW FOR LIFE (Documentary) “The Ultimate Encyclopedia Of The Raw Food Lifestyle” - Star • 1977 FRAUENSTATION (A DOCTOR'S DILEMMA)(Horst Buchholz) Germany - Star • 1976 ROSEMARIES TOCHTER (ROSEMARIES DAUGHTER) (Horst Frank) Germany - Star • 1977 CASANOVA & Co. (Tony Curtis) Italy - Co-Star • 1984 BEST DEFENCE (Dudley Moore) 20th Century Fox - Featured • 1982 YOUNG DOCTORS IN LOVE (Garry Marshall) - Featured • 1981 KING OF THE MOUNTAIN (Dennis Hopper / Harry Hamlin) Casablanca Film - Co-Star • 1986 STEWARDESS SCHOOL (Don Most/Sandahl Bergman) Columbia Pictures - Co-Star • 1981 THE DEVIL & MAX DEVLIN (Bill Cosby / Elliot Gould) Walt Disney Studios - Co-Star • 1979 HOMETOWN USA (Director: Max Baer Jr.) Starz/Anchor Bay - Co-Star

American Television
• E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY (2006) “Hugh Hefner: Girlfriends, Wives, and Centerfolds” Guest – E! Entertainment • WHERE ARE THEY NOW? (Rock Music Video Vixens) (2004) Guest – VH1 • THE FABULOUS LIFE OF… HUGH HEFNER (Documentary) Guest – VH1 • SMART SOLUTIONS (2004) Main Guest – HGTV • COLD PIZZA (2004) Main Guest – ESPN • WHEN PLAYBOY RULED THE WORLD (TV Documentary) (2004) Guest • THE HOWARD STERN SHOW (1996 and 2004) (2 Episodes & re-run x7 times) Main Guest • REMINGTON STEELE (1986) “Sensitive Steele” (Pierce Brosnan) Guest Star – Warner Bros. • CRAZY LIKE A FOX (Pilot) (Jack Warden) Co-Star – Columbia • SHADOWCHASERS (1985) (Pilot) Co-Star – Warner Bros. • BROTHERS (1985) “The Proof is in the PJ’s” Co-Star – Paramount Studios • MASQUERADE (Kristie Alley) Guest Star – Glen Larson • SUPERIOR COURT Starring – Edwards Productions • NO SOAP RADIO (Steve Gutenberg) Co-Star – Alan Landsbury • MIRACLE ON ICE (1981) (MOW) (Peter Horton) Co-Star – Filmways • DEATH RAY 2000 (1981) (Pilot for T.R. Sloane) Co-Star – Quinn Martin Productions • MAGNUM, P.I. (1980) (Pilot) "Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii: Part 1 & Part 2" (Tom Selleck) Co-Star – Universal Studios • ONCE UPON A SPY (1980) (Pilot) “Lethal Games” (Ted Danson) Co-Star –David Gerber • EISCHEID Co-Star – David Gerber • SUPERSTUNT II (1980) (Rock Hudson) Co-Star – Bill Davis Productions • FANTASY ISLAND (1978) "Vampire/The Lady and the Longhorn" (R. Montalban/Eva Gabor) Co-Star – Aaron Spelling • A MAN CALLED SLOAN (Pilot) Co-Star – MGM Studios • CRAZY NIGHTS (Pilot) (Vincent Price/John Caradine) Starring – Don Kirchner • STARSKY AND HUTCH (1978) (TV) "Dandruff" Co–Star • THE NIGHT THEY TOOK MISS BEAUTIFUL (1977) (Movie of the Week) Co-Star – NBC Studios • THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JOHNNY CARSON Main Guest • GOOD MORNING AMERICA (2x) Main Guest • EXTRA (2x) Main Guest • INSIDE EDITION (2x) Main Guest • THE GEORGE (HAMILTON) & ALANA SHOW Main Guest • THE BUSINESS CHANNEL Main Guest • THE MERV GRIFFIN SHOW Main Guest

Norwegian Television
• SKAL VI DANSE (Dancing With The Stars) (2012) Starring – TV2 • LILLIAN MULLER–MITT I LIVET (Lillian Müller – In the Midst of Life) (2012) (Documentary) Starring – NRK 1 • I KVELD MED YLVIS (2012) Main Guest – TV NORGE • ASBJØRN BREKKE SHOW (2012) Main Guest – TV NORGE • GOD ETTERMIDDAG (Good Afternoon) (2012) Main Guest – TV2 • 71 GRADER NORD – NORGES TØFFESTE KJENDIS (2010) Starring – Nordisk Film og TV AS • 4-STJERNERS MIDDAG (2010) Starring – TV2 • JA, VI ELSKER HOLLYWOOD (Yes, We Love Hollywood) (2010) Starring – TV NORGE • SOMMERSPILLET (SUMMERPLAY) (2010) – Guest Star –TV2 • GOD MORGEN NORGE (Good Morning Norway) (3x) (2006-2012) Main Guest – TV2 • SEN KVELD (Late Night) (2006) Main Guest – TV2 • TILLBAKE HOS HEF (DOCUMENTARY: THE LILLIAN MULLER STORY) (2003) Starring – TV2 • I KVELD MED THOMAS GJERTSEN (THE TONIGHT SHOW) (2003) Series Regular • MANDAGSKLUBBEN (The Monday Club) (1999) Guest Star • KARL & CO. (Carl & Company) (2x) (1999 and 2006) Guest Star • GOD KVELD NORGE (8x) (Good Evening Norway) (1998 - 2012) Main Guest – TV2 • SKAVLAN (1998) Main Guest – NRK • FØRST & SIST (1998) Main Guest – TV2

Music Videos
• "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy" (Rod Stewart) (1978) • "Hot For Teacher" (Van Halen) (1984)

• The Actors Studio (West) (2009-Present) with Martin Landau and Mark Rydell • Other: Milton Katselas; Tracy Roberts; David LeGrant; Harvey Lembeck Comedy Workshop

• Feel Great, Be Beautiful Over 40 published November 1995 (USA) • Usminket, Lillian Müller's biography, published November 1998 (Norway)

• Da Vinci Cosmetics (2012 - current) Norway • Femal Medica Nord (2008 - 2010) Scandinavia • Vivatap Health By Nature (2005 - 2006) Norway • Noni Tahiti Juice Medica Nord (2008 - 2011) Scandinavia

• Photo Editor – NUESTRA GENTE MAGAZINE (2001-2005) USA • Supermodel: Most Published Playmate Of The Year (1976) in the history of Playboy Magazine, including NINE Playboy covers; FIVE time "Page Three Girl” in The London Sun; and over 1,000 features and covers in international press/media • Languages – English, Norwegian (Native)

Motivational Speaking Career Highlights (Health, Beauty & Fitness Expert)
• HELT RÅTT (November 2011) – Norway • ELIXIA TRENING & VELVÆRE (March 2011) Norway • HELSE 2010 (February 2010) Norway • L.A. FITNESS EXPO (January 2010) • LIFE KJEDEN (November 2009) Norway • RAINBOW RAW GAMES (November 2008) Workshop • THE BODY, MIND, SPIRIT EXPO: (4x) (October 2008) in Portland, Oregon — Keynote Speaker and Workshop (September 2007; January and February 2008) • THE RAW SPIRIT FESTIVAL (October 2007 and September 2008) Keynote Speaker • EVOLUTION! EXPO (June 2008) Keynote Speaker and Workshop • WORLD FEST 2008 (May 2008) Guest Speaker • TOPANGA EARTH DAY FESTIVAL (April 2008) Keynote Speaker • THE GREEN LIVING EXPO (November 2007 and April 2008) Featured Green Educational Presenter; Featured Speaker • HOLISTIC LIVING EXPO (March 2008)